Want to connect with a loved one that has passed?

Experience any unexplained events in your home?
Want to know more about your antique furniture or jewelry?


Shawn has been aware of his mediumship abilities since he was a young child.  He can consistently and at will connect with spirits that have passed.  Many people have found healing and closure from connecting with their loved one.


If you feel you have a haunted home, Shawn can help you find who is haunting your home and why.  He can also tell the origins of objects in your home.  Many times, it’s not the house that’s haunted, but a spirit attached to an object in the house.  If there is an uninvited “guest” in your home, he can give tips on how to eliminate or reduce their presence, or let you know how to live with them.


Shawn will be a guest on PRT Paranormal Talk.  Click here for details!